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Medicine is known to be the noblest profession of them all. Medical professionals are respected all around the world, and it is a prestigious pursuit to study medicine. MBBS in Abroad and get the worldwide recognized degree from the top PMC approved medical universities and colleges of China, USA, UK, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy Germany, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, and many Europeans Countries. The process of MBBS Admission in Foreign countries is simple and at low cost. Students can choose to get admission from the various options available.

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MBBS in Pakistan is considered to be one of the most prestigious degrees. Almost every other student in Pakistan aspires to be a doctor.  Every year almost 90% students in Pakistan choose Pre-Medical after their matric examinations to fulfill their dreams and desires of becoming a successful doctor and to make their parents proud but becoming a doctor in Pakistan is not a piece of cake.

Right after the FSc Board examination comes the most crucial and arduous step and that is the MDCAT test most commonly known in Pakistan as ENTRY TEST and is conducted every year by PMC. Entry test is an MCQ type paper and hold the highest aggregate value that is 50%.

Even after all such hard work and grinding study routines which students go through for months, unfortunately some students lose their chance to secure a safe position in any public government college of Pakistan especially in recent years because the merit for medical colleges in Pakistan is sky rocketing even getting 90% is not enough to bag a good position in any public medical college. The merit list for year 2021-22 tells volume about why MBBS in Pakistan is becoming so competitive and nerve wrecking every year, The merit started at 97% and ended at 90%. The failure results in students seeking admissions in medical colleges in foreign countries and especially China is considered to be top of the list when it comes to studying MBBS abroad. So for those students here is a step by step guide regarding

Many Pakistani students choose to study abroad and explore the educational quality and experience the diversity of the medical fields from different countries. The top medical universities, quality education, modern equipment, and latest practical technologies with low tuition fees are the main attraction to go for studying in these foreign universities.

Students can get admission to many foreign medical universities without any MDCAT or Entry test / exams.

There are limited seats for the MBBS courses in Pakistan PMC approved Medical institutes. The irony is that there are over 10 lakh students competing for these seats. This is one of the main reasons to choose MBBS abroad as there are not enough seats for every student who wants to study MBBS in Pakistan.

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MBBS in Abroad For Pakistani Students

Every eye shine with glee hearing about studying MBBS in abroad. If you are going to pursue MBBS in Abroad, then trust us, everyone will be down with appreciating your choice. There are a lot of MBBS Universities in Abroad. You can fly anywhere to ensure a shining future in medicine. Every year truckload of students flies to study MBBS in Abroad. The scope of medical science abroad is enormous. You will have a 100% success rate if you choose to go abroad to pursue MBBS. Why don’t you get a foreign MBBS education? MBBS from Abroad for Pakistani Students is a very good opportunity for them to pave a smooth future in MBBS. To enable the Pakistan aspirants to Study Medicine in Abroad, the PMC has a lot of universities affiliated with itself. You must consult a good education counselor to take an MBBS Admission in Abroad. According to Quora, over 2,00,000 Pakistani students are studying abroad. The MBBS Fees in Abroad are much affordable than that in Pakistan! move to an acclaimed foreign university to study MBBS at a low cost. With a quality education, your medical future will be as bright as a diamond!