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The approach of our Cambridge Tutors is experienced and subject-oriented; They use an activity- and problem-based learning model to make learning fun. They have experience in home tutoring and online tutoring for local and international students. First, they identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, provide regular feedback, and repeat the process. Many of our Cambridge Tutors are  Froebel’s Teachers, Beaconhouse Teachers, LGS, IGS School Teachers, Roots International, Roots Millennium, Roots IVY Teachers, PSI Teachers, Ace International Academy, Supernova School Teachers, Pak-Turk School, Head-start School Teachers, OPF School Teachers, Westminster School and others.

Our Cambridge Tutors are professionals with years of experience in teaching Pre-Primary, Secondary, Senior, O Level, and A Level students of all boys and girls in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. They are known for their A-level results and solid academic record, which is reflected in their future studies. O and A Level students from Islamabad and Rawalpindi achieved impressive results in the Cambridge exams. We also have top Cambridge and Edexcel teachers in Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Art, Urdu and Computer Science. We Cambridge Tutors (the largest in-house and online tutoring service) the first elite school in the region founded by Sir Awan; Our goal is to provide high quality, responsible, and character development to meet performance, training, and standards. power needs. society. Cambridge Tutors is a Cambridge Affiliate Network in Islamabad that caters to the needs of all students from Undergraduate level to O/A Level not only in Islamabad but around the world.

Our Cambridge teachers teach in the best schools in DHA Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and offer private tuition fees to all students without education in the area. Our Cambridge teachers are known for encouraging independence, confidence, and ambition in all students. They play an important role in providing quality care and time to each student. Our Cambridge Tutors are qualified professionals who provide comprehensive and specialized training to students in the Cambridge system. They provide education at all levels from kindergarten to O and A Level with links to International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP, MYP, and DP, including mathematics, English, science, biology, chemistry, history of physics, and other subjects. or Urdu etc. Beaconhouse School is Pakistan’s largest and most international school with operations in South Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Our local teachers have teachers to meet the needs of all students, no matter where they are. We join them in the Cambridge University Curriculum, the Pakistan Book Committee, the International Baccalaureate Association and other national book committees. Our Cambridge Tutors have been accredited for many years to provide excellent results to  students at schools offering English courses. He uses each student as a test subject, evaluates his own needs and develops strategies to achieve results and overcome  them as quickly as possible.

Author: Sir Awan
We (Tutors in Islamabad) provides (Cambridge IB Edexcel) highly qualified, professional, experienced, foreign-qualified Home Tutors in Islamabad and Online Worldwide, they work at the leading Cambridge International School like The City Schools Teachers, Froebel’s Beacon-House, LGS, IGS, Roots International, Roots Millennium, Roots IVY, PSI, Ace International Academy, Supernova School, Pak-Turk, Head-start, OPF School Westminster, Curriculum – offering services at schools in Islamabad. Explore us on or WhatsApp: 0333-5011313

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